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Dutch design during Overwerk §6

By 28-09-2015

Each Thursday of the Graphic Design Festival Breda, talented designers, illustrators and other creatives will tell about their self-initiated projects and personal fascinations in a casual manner.  These evenings – four in all – provide insight into the scope of the field and inspire professionals to have a closer look at their own practice.

During the first Overwerk session of the GDFB, on October 1, three Dutch designers take the floor. Anne Miltenburg is a traveling ‘brand builder’ with the mission to promote social entrepreneurship and to help entrepreneurs to be more successful through branding. Ruben Pater made Espionage puzzles in NRC Next and gained worldwide attention with his Drone Survival Guide. He is going to tell visual stories about complex geopolitical issues. Klaas Burger is a visual artist and initiator of #Huisje #Boompje, the alternative city guide for the street life in the city of Breda.

Overwerk §6
Date: Thursday 1/8/15/22 October, from 19.00 hrs.
Location: Stadsgalerij, Breda 
Ticket: € 10

Graphic Design Festival Breda offer
We will be raffling off two free tickets for our first Overwerk-sessie on Thursday Oktober 1, among the people who respond today.