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Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

By 27-10-2014

Thalia de Jong is a designer who makes films as only a designer can. With a keen eye for detail, she has since her graduation from Design Academy Eindhoven been making short and clever films in which fashion, design and other beautiful things are captured in moving images.

For advertising agency KesselsKramer, Thalia directed three promo films for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, known for the straight and honest campaigns in which in which it manages to recommend itself as the very worst hotel ever. The fact that this hotel has 24.863 likes on Facebook was remarkable enough to dedicate a new campaign to it.  One that will make the very worst hotel the most ‘likable’ hotel.  In the promos, the Hans Brinker employees are doing less than nothing, just to be liked.

Thalia: “Visually, these films do not really fit in among my other work, but the absurdity of infinitely putting off the punchline suits me perfectly. I don’t shrink from minimalism at all. It was therefore wonderful that there were three times during the film montage that I could choose the most exasperating take available.”

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