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Dutch Design Daily LIVE leader

By 16-03-2015

Tonight the first edition of Dutch Design Daily LIVE in Pakhuis de Zwijger. The leader for Dutch Design Daily LIVE was made by HollandCentraal.

Paul Faas founded HollandCentraal in 1998. By now, the company has evolved into a versatile group of experienced visual storytellers. Concept, film, animation, graphic design, music and sound: everything under one roof.

HollandCentraal: “Storytelling can be done in many different ways. If you want your message to leave a deep impression on people and really touch them, then images help. That’s exactly what we do at HollandCentraal: we tell stories through images. We use film, animation, graphic design, music and lots of love for the profession. We help companies in strengthening their brand or placing a product, service, event or exhibition on the market. From concept development to production and implementation – as long as it is moving.”