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Ricardo O’Nascimanto

By 22-08-2015

ONE WEEK ABOUT Education by curator Open Set 2015

Workshop: Hacking Public Space with Sound
31 July 2015
Location: V2_Institute

“In this workshop the participants will hack public furniture using sound and interactive technology. Borrowing strategies from tactical urbanism and urban guerrilla, the workshop aims to create new ways to experience the city and by doing so changing our relation with it.

Each group will choose a public space in Rotterdam for the intervention. After a preliminary research about the context of the space and the people who use it they will create sound narratives that transform how the space is perceived. They could tell a story, change the original or expected sounds, surprise people with special sound effects, etc. For sonification we will use simple electronic sound triggers combined with soft sensory techniques.”

During the workshop through three final projects the notion of nature in the urban environment of Rotterdam was explored, where it is usually very restricted. As a critique and awareness of this control and in most cases complete lack of nature’s presence, the participants created interactive sound interventions/experiences for various contexts of public space, such as a cafe, a no-trespassing zone, and the regulated green areas of the city.