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Sanne Muiser

Tasting Senses

By 15-10-2014

During DDW, from 18 through 26 October, you are welcome to Pinkie Patisserie for the tasting event Tasting Senses. Sanne Muiser has in a playful way designed a set of tools that invite your tongue, nose and eyes to participate in a total taste experience.

Sanne Muiser: “The basis of this set is rooted in my memories. The first time that I got the cream beater in my hands and wound my tongue around it carefully to lick every single creamy spot, remains an unforgettable experience. By bringing your senses into the moment and giving yourself time to experience taste, texture, smell and color, you start reflecting on the richness that food can give you.”

The items of Pinkie Patisserie also caress your other senses.

Sanne Muiser’s query
I am looking for a producer, preferably of a hospitality-related label.