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Share the Vibe – Bart Hess

By 08-01-2016

The desire to think big, to experiment and to do it differently from others is championed in Eindhoven. The city has visualised that typical Eindhoven vibe in the new (video) campaign Share the Vibe. The starting point for Share the Vibe is co-creation, because Eindhoven is all about doing it together. Which is why big image makers from the city have been invited to share their own feelings and commitment to Eindhoven with the world.

Bart Hess
It had been a while since I had been able to get to work guerrilla style. It was great. For the bigger assignments I get I have to work with a very detailed plan, because they involve so many external factors. The filming schedule is leading on shoots like these. But this time I was able to shoot from the hip, so to speak. Watching, creating, responding and just seeing what it would lead to. I have this big archive full of photographs and short films, and I’ll browse through it for inspiration. Then slowly an idea begins to form and I’ll start developing that.

In the end, Eindhoven is still a drab-looking town, but just below the surface there is so much going on. All kinds of things are going on that you wouldn’t notice at first sight. There’s this sense that there’s something going on, but you have to get below the surface to discover what it is. And it’s not a fixed thing either, there’s always this sense of movement, of things morphing with time. The thing that makes this town so interesting is that mix between the analogue and the digital. The craft and workmanship in the workshops and the almost elusive technological developments. I have used this dichotomy in my work. By using a certain technique I have incorporated different temporal layers in the shots. The past and the future, captured in a single image.

This campaign has been developed by The Virtual Design Agency (VDA), with Remco van de Craats van Edhv as art director, commissioned by Eindhoven365 and the municipality of Eindhoven.  

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