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Teun Castelein

Teun Castelein during the Current Character Convention

By 27-09-2015

ONE WEEK ABOUT Graphic Design Festival Breda by GDFB

Teun Castelein is the creator of, among other projects, Halbe Bier and Wietkaas; he is also holder of the trade mark right on Allah Clothing and seller of refugee boats from Lampedusa. Above all, he is an artistic entrepreneur who constantly investigates the hypocrisy and the functioning of the free market and the media. At the Graphic Design Festival Breda he will tell more about his work during the Current Character Convention on October 14.

During this afternoon, several international designers will give lectures on topical themes and content-specific issues. The Current Characters Convention focuses on designers who give substance to their current practice in a highly idiosyncratic way. They provide a unique insight into the ways in which they deal with professional challenges. This afternoon, 6 speakers are given the floor: Teun Castelein, Ken Garland, Mr. Bingo, Basma Hamdy, Artur Beifuss, and Nicholas Felton.

Current Character Convention
Date:  October 14, as of 13.00 hrs.
Location: Mezz,Breda
Tickets: € 60 (students: € 30)