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Thomas Azier

Thomas Azier

By 23-10-2014

Thomas Azier was 19 years old when he moved to an old factory hall in Berlin, where he worked for five years on his debut album Hylas. His music is strongly influenced by the Berlin techno-electro scene, the synthpop of Depeche Mode and the futuristic sounds of M83. His songwriting skills were also noticed by Stromae, with whom he wrote a few songs. Azier is always looking for progressive technologies in his stage presentation. In collaboration with artist Daniel Franke, the singer creates live visuals with the help of Kinect. The result? Crystal-clear visuals where Thomas Azier changes into water or different colours. His sparse performances are because of this not only pleasing to the ear, but also to the eye.

During the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven Thomas Azier performs on Thursday, October 23 in the Effenaar.