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Rafaella Sterrenburg www.hku.nl

Tools for the Perfect Imperfection

By 09-08-2015

ONE WEEK ABOUT Experience Design by curators Trapped in Suburbia

A great discovery during the graduation show at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. A project on perfection – a pitfall trap that many designers may know. According to Rafaella Sterrenburg, an obsession with perfection results in much of a muchness. Imperfections and errors are corrected to achieve a seamless solution. The hand of the maker becomes less and less recognizable.

Rafaella has given the theme a unique substance. Her project Tools for the Perfect Imperfection is a reinterpretation of tools that we use every day. Tools that are intended to obtain perfect results have been transformed into tools in which imperfection takes the upper hand. No straight lines anymore but nasty surprises. Well, what can you do?

Due to the created loss of control, the tools cannot be used for their original purpose anymore. In fact, the user can do nothing else but accept the imperfection and explore the new perspectives that this entails. The result is a poetic study of the fading boundaries between perfection and imperfection.