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Wooden Textiles

By 26-02-2015

Wooden Textiles by BuroBELÉN is a range of fabrics that show the fascinating qualities of this unique material and its different applications. Ancient craftmanship and modern industry are brought together to achieve the right textile qualities for contemporary use.

A tapa is a soft and flexible wooden cloth that Tongans use for rituals like weddings and funerals. The basis for the ancient craft of tapa-making is the cambium of the paper mulberry tree, a thin layer of fibers between the bark and the wood of the tree. Original tapa’s have a fascinating beauty but lack the practical qualities needed for contemporary use. That is why BELÉN enhances these wooden cloths through industrial techniques of textile processing.

BELÉN works on material and colour concepts in the field of product design, interior design and exhibition design. BELÉN was established by Lenneke Langenhuijsen and Brecht Duijf, who met each other at the Design Academy Eindhoven. After working as a part-time designer for Forbo Flooring, Brecht established her garment label 18-11-81 in 2014. Lenneke graduated with her project ‘Wooden Textiles’. This project was professionalized in 2014 under the name of Cambials.

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