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Annabel Oosteweeghel www.annabeloosteweeghel.nl

Annabel Oosteweeghel

By 26-08-2016

One Week About Photography by photographer Ahmet Polet

When Annabel Oosteweeghel graduated from the Academy St. Joost in 1994, she intended to make autonomous films. But in order to be less dependent, she decided to make images by means of photography. She soon entered the commercial world for which she worked for 20 years. Only when she decided to move to Noordwijk because of her young son, she was forced to pay more attention to her personal work.

Annabel: “There was nothing at all around us, we didn’t even have neighbors. So new ideas emerged from this nothingness. You just come across stories. For example, the Polish hotel in Noordwijk where I started working without staging anything. I decided to go to the hotel, knocked on the door and they immediately welcomed me and asked me to make photographs. And it has kept me busy for a couple of months.”

In her latest work, ‘Old love’, she continued the themes that she had previously touched on in her project ‘Oblivious’. “My mother is 79 years and she told me the other day that when she puts on her lingerie she finds herself beautiful again. I want to show that older people also have an intimate life, despite old age taking its toll.” The series she made will be on display as from September 14 in Museum Hilversum.

Exhibition ‘Old love’
Museum Hilversum
September 14 until October 16