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Cindy van den Bremen

ONE WEEK ABOUT Social Design

By 15-08-2016

Introducing Cindy van den Bremen.

In 1999, I graduated on a series of sports headscarves which developed into the brand Casters®, which this year has been in existence for 15 years. From Casters BV we are meanwhile selling worldwide via and through local resellers in about 15 countries. The sports headscarves are included in the collection of MoMA in New York and have won a Good Design Award. Together with Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan we managed to convince the FIFA in 2012 to lift their ban on headscarves on the football field.

After graduating from the Design Academy I straightaway started working as an independent designer on projects, e.g. in deprived urban areas and with minority groups. This made me one of the first social designers in the Netherlands. I believe in the impact of social design and I’m convinced that each design project should start from the interests, wishes and needs of the parties concerned. By involving people in the process right from the beginning and by interacting with them on an empathic level, you appeal to their intrinsic motivation. This activates social processes and ensures that the results have a sustainable character.

In 2006, I obtained my teaching qualification and since then I have been a lecturer at the Department of Industrial Design of the Technical University Eindhoven. I also teach at the Design Academy Eindhoven and other educational institutes.

Photo Capsters: Peter Stigter