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Schorem (Scumbags)

By 14-08-2016

ONE WEEK ABOUT Designers from Rotterdam by Lucas Verweij – Designplatform Rotterdam

Some designers don’t want to be designers. The services that these hairdressers provide are designed down to the smallest detail. I’m not even allowed to call them hairdressers, I have to call them barbers, because that’s part of the design.

Design is not necessarily fresh, new and shiny. Design can also take the form of retro, old and classicist. That’s because design is not a style but a concept. The barber shop on the Binnenweg breathes that view. They uphold explicit visual ideas about what hair should look like and what a barber shop should look like. What it should be called and who may or may not come in.

It seems to me that all this is design. Service design perhaps, or even experience design. Recently, the gentlemen also provide pomade and lotion, but I’m not allowed to call it that either. They have designed a brand name and a logo. It’s sold all over the world. They deserve it; they’re really good and they show what design can look like nowadays, too.