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The Lakenvaas

By 22-02-2021

The Lakenvaas a new vase design for Cor Unum Ceramics

With textiles being Simone’s specialty and main working material she tried to discern a potential relationship between textiles and ceramics. Hundreds of tests and tryouts were made stretching the possibilities of the Cor Unum workshop, which resulted in surprising clay yarns, woven creatures and waving creations.

The aim of this design was to give the ceramic, a hard and static material, the tactility and movement that define textiles. The starting point was a perfectly smooth table cloth falling off a round table, pleating in unexpected and sensual ways. The stained version of this vase is the same table cloth but than after a successful, celebratory and therefore slightly messy dinner with loved ones.

Every vase is shaped and pleated by hand after pouring it into a mold. Therefore shapes arise which would not have been possible in mass production and impossible to get out of a mold.  By combining serial production methods and handwork we use the best of both worlds. The maker of the vase gives his or her own twist to the vase, which makes every vase unique and gives the ceramic the dexterity of a waving cloth.


Photos: Marije Kuiper