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The Climate Summit (2016) that was held in Paris (2016) led to the Paris Agreement, which on 22 April was signed by 174 countries. During this Conference also 17 goals were set for a better world: the so-called Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) that have to put an end to poverty, inequality and climate change in 2030.

The idea for 17FOR17 was developed by the non-profit organization Chora Connection, which invited 17 renowned Danish graphic designers to each visualize a target on a poster with the aim to increase public awareness.

Because of the success in Denmark the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) was asked to initiate cooperation; this resulted in 51 posters from three countries, namely Denmark, France and the Netherlands. In 2017 the posters were for the first time displayed very successfully at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. 

The 17 Dutch designers who have participated in this project are: Max Kisman, René Knip, Joost Grootens, Bob van Dijk, Alvin Chan, Catalogtree, Designpolitie, Sigrid Calon, Paul Mijksenaar, Jan van Toorn, Peter Billak, Ben Faydherbe, Niels Schrader, Wout de Vringer, Jacques Koeweiden, Thonik and Joost Swarte.

In an individual way each of the posters focuses the attention on the turning point needed to save our planet.

Exhibition ’17FOR17′
Lange Poten 4, The Hague
15 November until 20 December, 2018

Max Kisman
Rene Knip
Joost Grootens
Bob van Dijk
Alvin Chan
Design Politie
Sigrid Calon
Paul Mijksenaar
Jan van Toorn
Peter Bill’ak
Ben Faydherbe
Niels Schrader
Wout de Vringer
Jacques Koeweiden
Joost Swarte

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