Arend Groosman


“In the past ten years as an artist and designer, I have been immersed in an on-going research into mobile and flexible construction systems with which I can experiment and realise my designs in a fast and efficient way.”

“This quest has resulted in the creation of my ultimate construction system: ‘24mm’. 24mm is a modular construction system that makes it possible to build constructions that are utilizable in many different ways: experimental, architectural or interior objects, sculptures and spatial constructions.”

“An important guideline while developing my system has been my search into transformable, mobile architecture. Because the objects that are made with the 24mm system can be assembled and disassembled again, it is possible to create objects and try out new ideas quickly.”

“Every single piece is produced in my own workshop with a customised production setup of my own design. By using a combination of both the functional and the playful, I want to point to a future in which our world is constantly adapting to the imagination.”

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