2500 days RuSt

Ruben Steeman

Graphic | Illustration

For many years now, Ruben Steeman (RuSt) has been making a pen drawing every day, which he publishes on elkedagrust.nl. With drawing number 2500 in sight, the idea arose to collect all pen drawings in one hefty volume.

The black-and-white pen drawings in ‘2500 days RuSt’ cover seven years. Leafing through the book, you get an impression of Ruben’s life in recent years, but there are also visual finds, weird fantasies and many small stories-within-a-drawing. The A5-format book is as thick as it is wide and weighs 3.5 kilos. It is hand-bound with a laser-cut typographic cover and deep black printing. The project has been funded through the crowd-funding website Voordekunst.nl.

The book and the series of daily drawings (which still continues) can be found on elkedagrust.nl

Exhibition ‘2500 days RuSt’
Nederlands Stripmuseum, Groningen
until 1 February 2015

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