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Thonik, an Amsterdam-based design studio, had the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to FILA’s iconic FBOX logo for its 50th anniversary. Our task was to animate this well-known symbol using contemporary digital techniques, while respecting FILA’s storied sports heritage.

The project involved creating a series of videos for the FILA FBOX anniversary POP UP in Chengdu, China. These videos, rooted in FILA’s legacy in sports like tennis and basketball, were designed to be visually engaging and reflective of the brand’s history. Our approach was mindful of FILA’s brand guidelines, focusing on exploring new textures and colors within the established framework of the FBOX logo.

The outcome was a thoughtful blend of the traditional and the modern, aiming to connect with both long-time fans and new audiences. This project was not just about celebrating FILA’s past but also about subtly pushing its brand identity forward in the digital era, demonstrating the nuanced role of design in sports and lifestyle branding.

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