A Slow Parade

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A Slow Parade is a virtual design show featuring the work of 22 designers. Berry Dijkstra curated a spatial composition in which furniture, design items, and objects are presented, stacked, and carefully arranged into a sculptural installation that is independent of functionality.

The film, directed and shot by From Form, combines the world of contemporary design with classic cinema, and brings an ode to the role of title design in film, with an eerie soundtrack scored by Anne Müller and Ben Lukas Boysen.

Featuring the designs of: Rutger de Regt, Laurids Gallée, Tim Teven, Benjamin Motoc, Simone Post, Paul Coenen, Nienke Sikkema, Willem van Hooff, Studio Guilty, Dorian Renard, Gianmaria Della Ratta, Rein Reitsma, Pierre Castignola, Rino Claessens, Moniek Vierling, Jonas Lutz, Bram van der Beke, Studio Joachim – Morineau, Diego Faivre, Teun Zwets, Serge Game and Lennart Lauren.

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