Absorbed by Light

Design Bridge & Gali May Lucas

Event | Spatial

Design Bridge Amsterdam presents the installation ‘Absorbed by Light’, a sculpture created in collaboration with British artist Gali May Lucas. As well as being an artist, Gali is a senior designer in the Design Bridge Amsterdam Studio, who partnered with her on the striking piece for this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival.

‘Absorbed by Light’, on display outside the Hermitage Amsterdam, provides a commentary on how we are constantly drawn to the screens that illuminate our lives. Yet the light that brings us information also draws us away from the tangible world. The piece responds to the idea of ‘The medium is the message’, which is the theme of this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival.

Gali May Lucas: “I see this every day in parks and in restaurants, especially in winter when there are more hours of darkness. In previous years, the works in the festival have been visually impressive but abstract – I chose to create something instantly recognisable and quite literal. But eerie at the same time.”

Each year, the Amsterdam Light Festival places thirty new light sculptures and installations in the streets of the city across December and January. Walking, boat or bike tours of the festival are available. Keep an eye on @design_bridge on Instagram for updates during the Amsterdam Light Festival (until 20 January 2019).


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