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Six talented young people from Latin America, Africa and Asia have worked with local Dutch talents on existing projects and new creative ideas concerning conceptual, social and technological innovation.

Andreas Siagian, Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata (Indonesia), Roy Ombatti (Kenya), Sandra Suubi (Uganda), David Marín (Guatemala) and José Montealegre (Nicaragua) were looked after in Eindhoven by DDW ambassador Arne Hendriks. Arne about the relevance of this project: “Population growth leads to a threat of scarcity. Of water, food, space and other resources to be able to lead a high-quality life. For many people in Africa, South America and Asia, this is a reality. It seems to me to be of vital importance to involve designers who grow up in these circumstances, hands-on experts therefore, in the acceptance of these challenges.”

The results will be presented to the public during DDW at Baltan Laboratories, housed in the Natlab. Work and concepts by the six artists-in-residence will also be on show during various pop-up events that will take place throughout the week.

Baltan Laboratories and Hivos (Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation) joined forces in this international research and design project.

Age of Wonderland’s offer
A tour of one of the Age of Wonderland artists during Dutch Design Week on Thursday, October 23.


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