AliceNet, The Beauty of Blockchain


Digital | Graphic

Nominee European Design Awards 2024
Category Corporate Illustration

The myth within blockchain is that there’s an ‘impossible triangle’: you can never have high speed, low costs and secure transactions at the same time. Enter AliceNet, the blockchain-provider that solves the impossible. To celebrate the beauty of blockchain, Verve provided AliceNet with a visual and verbal identity based on a digital image generator that allows AliceNet to build marketing assets fast, and help them to keep growing their business even faster.

As a brand, AliceNet functions as a muse – to inspire others to create something valuable- as well as a solid foundation to bloom. The brand has a technical core and is human in its appearance. AliceNet solved the impossible triangle, so their visual identity is grounded on a triangle too, the strongest shape in engineering. AliceNet steers away from the industry standards by embracing natural imagery and high-tech symbolism.

It’s the image material and the color scheme that emphasizes the elegance, value and beauty the blockchain can bring to our daily lives. At you’ll encounter grasshoppers, flowers and even people, depicted in new-age ASCII aesthetics. In micro-interactions, the users are enabled to transform the triangular pixels into clear objects. Additionally, Verve developed an abstract illustration set as storytelling based on pixelated felt-tip drawings.

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