Am viață – I have life

Sandra Minten


Sandra Minten (1967) graduated in December 2018 as a documentary photographer at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. Her work is characterized by long-term projects and is about the space people occupy in life and how everyone tries to make the best out of it. What does it mean to be autonomous, to determine your own life, while being absorbed into those spaces with rules, relationships and obligations?? Sandra photographs with a loving eye, not a sentimental eye, no softness for the softness, because love is also truth, defining borders, accepting where the pain is, understanding the incomprehensible.

‘As if choosing, as if deciding, as if saying no were simply skills you could learn, like tying your shoelaces or riding a bike.’  The Gun – Mark Haddon

At the end of 2017 I met a family in Romania. ‘Am viaţă – I have life’ portrays a family story in full life. It unravels the existence of three generations living together in a small room. In this family story, the children Paulo and Vivien, cousin and niece are my key characters. I would like to continue photographing them to maturity and discover whether it is possible to determine your own life if the proximity in time and space is very close. I photograph the main characters from all angles and positions, want to capture emotions, discover personality and expose relationships. In this way I experience the deepest connection myself and try to get to the hearts of people.

Nominated for the Dutch Photographers (DuPho) SO Student Award 2019

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