Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

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Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual light art festival in Amsterdam. Artists, architects and (light) designers from all over the world bring their light artworks and installations alive during the festival every winter. The artworks are placed alongside two routes. Each route has their own theme, set of artworks and visitor experience. Water Colors, the boat rout, displays big monumental objects and offers visitors the chance to experience the art from a water perspective. Illuminade, the walking route, shows interactive and innovative installations from upcoming designers in the Plantage neighborhood.

Dutch entries are from UNStudio, Benthem Crouwel Architects en Jólan van der Wiel, Edson Bruno Filho, Victor Engbers, Daan van Hasselt & Asia Jackowska en Laurent Wolf.

Light art is a relatively young art form that offers artists -because of the LED revolution- completely new expression possibilities, on the intersection of art and technology. The festival aims to stimulate the development of light art and light artists. The festival also aims to bring light art and light artist to a broader audience, by presenting light art in a relatively approachable setting in the public sphere.

Almost all artworks that are presented during Amsterdam Light Festival are designed and made especially for the festival. A lot of participating artists use concepts and techniques that they have never applies before. Every year the technical team from the festival supports the artists in the development and implementation of their concepts.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017
Until Januari 22, 2017

Photos: Janus van den Eijnden



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