Angles & Ovals XL

Alex Groot Jebbink

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The latest version of the Angles light object is called Angles XL. A fascinating lamp in which, as in the work ‘Stairwell’ by M.C. Escher, you can get lost. This intriguing illumination resembles a maze, a labyrinth of repetitive forms, a spatial optical illusion, and even an almost psychedelic piece.

Nevertheless, Alex Groot Jebbink only uses a simple form in which the power lies in the repetition of that simple form. Using as little material as possible – four plates of MDF of only four millimeters thin – he tries to create as much volume as possible with the precise, dimensionally stable laser technology by assembling rectangles in a certain way like a building of Lego blocks. It shows an impressive new image with a lot of depth in which only one light source casts special and poetic shadows on the surroundings. Groot Jebbink, whose motto is that the astonishment lies in the repetition of a simple form, calls it magic if you are able to tell a simple story in which materials, shapes, light, space, technique and colors are the chapters, without losing sight of the essence.

He uses his background as a mechanical engineer, interior architect and furniture designer in realizing his new both standing and hanging lighting objects: the Lamp / Ovals XL and the Lamp / Angles XL. Ovals consists of forty laser-cut oval shapes, Angles consists of numerous rectangles that are connected to each other with the same half-timber connections, as is customary in interior architecture. The handwriting of the architect is hidden in these spatial lighting objects. With his atmospheric mini-architecture he certainly surprises us.

Text by Viveka van de Vliet
Thanks to Connecting the Dots

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