Atelier van Asseldonk

Atelier van Asseldonk


Designer Aart van Asseldonk sees himself as a modern craftsman: “The early industrial period, craftsmanship and experience play an important role in my work. I believe in pure and honest materials, and want to let the original craftsmanship triumph.”

‘Heating Stove 01’ is a mix of ancient knowledge and modern-day technology, following the principles of the old workshop stoves. The ‘Trouble Light’ lamp emphasizes the characteristic features of the classic trouble light. The three movements the ‘Unimate’ lamp can make are based on the movements that the first robotic arms made.

The large flames of oil refinaries were the starting point for the design of the ‘Flare Stack’ candelabra, as an ode to the oil era. The closet ‘Safe Storage’ was inspired by old steel rolling mills and iron mills from the industrial age. ‘Heating Stove 02’ is an outside stove based on the factory chimney, the icon of the industrial revolution.

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