Babs van den Thillart

Babs van den Thillart

Fashion & Textile | Material

“My heart starts to beat faster when my work comes from the weaving machine. The textile is no longer flat but takes shape and moves. It comes to life. The creation of movement, three-dimensionality and changeability in textiles is a common thread in my work.”

“My textiles do not have an inferior back but can be approached from different angles. The seemingly loose structures tempt you to touch them and then turn out to be connected. The connection point is always crucial in my work. Just like the role of people and other things that set my work in motion.”

“Fascinated by the inexhaustible possibilities of knitting and weaving and my love for textile machines, I look for the limits of the possible. Through my investigative approach, existing materials and techniques get new possibilities and properties.”

“I achieve the most extraordinary results by staying in close contact with the material and the technique during the manufacturing process. I use both craft and industrial machines. Craft machines offer space to act intuitively, industrial machines offer endless freedom in complex forms.”

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