BEADS connect to play, play to connect

Rinske van den Heuvel

Product | Craft | Material

The big and colorful beads by Studio Rinske van den Heuvel can be assembled into necklaces or interior objects. We design the building blocks you can use to adorn your home or your body. Because of this interactive part of our work, you as a customer become part of the design process and we love that.

We like to let you play with colors, shapes, and textures and in that way encourage you to embrace your inner child. Our modular (interior)jewelry is easily adjustable to style changes because you can swap the beads around. Our artworks change when you want them to. With these beads, everyone can create something beautiful.

Rinske van den Heuvel graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem in 2023. Van den Heuvel’s work is a playground of different materials and textures. Color plays an important role in all of het projects. She loves to do thorough research and wants to see how her products interact with the user.

BEADS was on show during OBJECT Rotterdam 2024.

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