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Ten years of Cor Unum Design Contest

Last March 7, 15 nominated designs of the Cor Unum Design Contest were subjected to the critical view of a professional jury. The Keep Playing theme proved to inspire both playful and innovative entries. A difficult task for the professional jury, which during this tenth edition consisted of Timo de Rijk (Director Design Museum), Mary Hessing (Editor-in-Chief WOTH), Charlotte Landsheer (Director Cor Unum), designer Floris Hovers (also ambassador of this edition) and Anne van der Zwaag (Director OBJECT Rotterdam).

First prize
Sand Tray | Oliver Linell
This ceramic tray is cast in sand. Oliver has developed a method of pouring directly into a modeled sand mould. He uses tools and shapes, like he made sand castles on the beach as a child. The process creates grainy textures and counteracts the precision and reproducibility of traditional slip casting. As with a regular bucket of play sand, results are limited by the size of the casting bucket and your own imagination.

Second prize
Watering cans | Willem Zwiers
As a child, Willem dreamed of diving into the world he had drawn himself. This project is about the realization of children’s drawings that he has found or made himself in the past. There is play with perspective, the use and the formal language of the drawings. The drawings are blueprints of the objects. Watering cans are often made of plastic, but making them from ceramic gives them a different value.

Third prize
Zo Gepiept | Gijs Motzelt
‘Going to the garage without a plan and looking and collecting stuff to do something with’. As a child, Gijs went back in time. How did he get started then? Even now he has tried to make something with house, garden and kitchen stuff. Working with this ‘limitation’ felt liberating to him. For him, this resulted in a project full of contrasts. ‘Cheap’ tie-wraps combined with the craftsmanship of ceramics. But also the soft appearance of the objects that turn out to be hard.

Audience Award
Memory | Roos op ten Berg
Memory is a game everyone knows. But what if the pictures are not visible to you? The game has been adapted for the blind and/or visually impaired target group. This new memory game was created from a collection of textures. You look for combinations based on the touch. The chips are arranged in a grid so that they do not spread and the players have something to hold on to. A version has also been devised that can help with practicing Braille. The alphabet is taught in a playful way.

All winning entries of the Keep Playing design competition can still be viewed for some time at Cor Unum at 270 Vughterstraat in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

First prize – Sand Tray | Oliver Linell
Second prize – Watering cans | Willem Zwiers
Third prize – Zo Gepiept | Gijs Motzelt
Audience Award – Memory | Roos op ten Berg

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