Best Building of the year 2018



BNA Royal Institute of Dutch Architects

Approximately 1200 architectural firms are united in the BNA. The BNA is a network that promotes modern creative entrepreneurship . Its driving force is the power of architecture for the living environment. It is BNA’s mission to strengthen architectural firms that offer added value to the client and to society in promising markets.

Musis Sacrum, Arnhem
Category winner Identity & Icon value
The jury: What a magnificent space, in size, in atmosphere, with the window overlooking the park as a bonus – a wonderful find. Musis is a contemporary response to the monumentality of the past; it lends the city a new image, makes a new sound heard, and in which a new energy is tangible.

Architectural firm: van Dongen – Koschuch architects and planners
Client: Municipality of Arnhem

Photos: Bart van Hoek

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