The Best Dutch Book Designs 2017 are known

Best Verzorgde Boeken


The 33 Best Dutch Book Designs from the Netherlands have been made public. A professional jury made the selection from 342 entries. The books are judged by a professional jury on their distinctive character in the field of content, design, image treatment, typography, choice of materials, printing and binding method. It is also disclosed that two of the books from the selection are rewarded at the international book judging Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt in Leipzig. A bronze medal goes to Avond (Evening) and the creators receive an honorable mention for Claudy Jongstra.

Avond (Evening) by Anna Akhmatova was designed by Michaël Snitker and published at Stichting de Roos. KOLORworkx (Marco Kokkelkoren), Lenoirschuring and Bookbinding Van Waarden were involved in the production. Claudy Jongstra was designed by Irma Boom Office, produced by Printing Company Tienkamp and published by nai010 Publishers. Louwrien Wijers, Laura M. Richard, Lidewij Edelkoort and Marietta de Vries are the authors connected to the book.

The Dutch professional jury consists as usual of representatives from the book trade, the design industry and the graphic industry: designers Yolanda Huntelaar and Michaël Snitker, Freek Kuin (creative director printer robstolk ®), Marije Sietsma (Director Publishing House Loopvis) and Suzanne Bogman (Head Publications Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam).

Over the last two years also a students jury was appointed to make a selection from the entries. This jury is composed of students of different academies in the field of graphic design. This selection will be published in June.

Ever since 1926, in the Netherlands attention is drawn to the book in its overall appearance. This is done in the form of an annual culmination of 33 Best Dutch Book Designs, organized by the Foundation Best Designed Books.

The Best Dutch book designs is supported by Igepa Netherlands. Together with BNO/Pictoright and L. van Heek Textiles they facilitate The Best Books Designs.

The Foundation the Best Book Designs is a partnership of the Foundation Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book, the Professional Association Dutch Designers and the Graphic Culture Foundation.

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