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For Fashion Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA)

The Picardie glass is a renowned design. An iconic glass that can be found in all layers of society. The design is based on 18th-century glasses that had a glittering appearance with their many facets. Picardie glass plays with the feeling of luxury, and by mass-producing it by machine, this design became accessible to everyone.

With the project -BLING- that we created for FDFA ‘Buiten de Lijntjes’, we are experimenting with these glasses and trying to bring back their unique individuality. Because although glass became available to everyone, it also detracted from the uniqueness of a glass. The experimental making process is grafted on serendipity, as the material only allows itself to be (re)shaped to a limited extent and nothing has become what we initially thought. We want to show a different paradigm of this standardised product to show that design is always about thinking ‘outside the box’.

Within the installation in Rozet, a wide variety of experiments have been given a place. In which the process of making and the pleasure of creation are just as important as the product itself.

Exhibition ‘BLING’
3rd floor at Rozet in Arnhem
Throughout June

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Photos exhibition: Kim de Jong

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