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Philip Akkerman’s book Het doel van het bestaan is het maken van een zelfportret is exactly as big as the painter’s self-portraits, namely 34 by 40 centimeters. So, a large book. It contains 175 paintings and 30 drawings in life-size format. The printer from Novara, Italy, used, high pigment inks in a multicolor technique that makes the images razor sharp and lends them an enormous color strength that couldn’t possibly be obtained with offset. The plastic 3D-back cover of the book also holds another, smaller book. The embossed characters of the title hold the pocket booklet containing a selection of excerpts from Akkerman’s diaries. In this way, image (large book) and text (pocket booklet) are completely separated from each other but coincide in one design. The book comes in a sealed, cardboard cassette along with an autographed, handmade silkscreen.

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