Bridge Project

Michiel van der Kley

Product | Spatial | Future concept | Material

Bridge Project is a project of designer Michiel van der Kley in collaboration with The Department of Public Works. It is a concrete 3D printed bridge of 29 meters length. The bridge, which is 3D printed in about 30 parts, will this summer be located in the city of Nijmegen. It is not the first concrete 3D printed bridge in the Netherlands, but it is currently the longest bridge in the world.

With this project Michiel van der Kley continues to work on his research into the possibilities of 3D printing. Michiel: ‘It’s fantastic to see what possibilities you have when you link the 3D printing technique to the parametric software of the moment and the optimization capabilities. This allows you to create things that until recently were impossible to realize. The possibilities are endless.’

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