Brutal Baroque, Rocking Opera


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Winner Bronze – European Design Awards 2022
Category Digital Identity Applications

How do you break the elite image of opera? Simple: break conventions and redefine the genre as Nederlandse Reisopera (NLRO) does. On stage and offstage, from now on their branding is as transformative as they are. Say hello to 21st century Baroque.

High notes ask for bold branding
Daring, courageous, weird, those are just a few of the words people use to describe NLRO. Known for their contemporary reworks of masterpieces, collaborations with designers like Studio Drift, and their unconventional performances, NLRO moves beyond the traditional perception of opera. Yet, people still buy tickets for a specific show, rather than for the company’s unique character. We defined a framework that NLRO can use to tell their story way before you enter a theater.

Digital aesthetics that move you
Just like NLRO, the visual language is always in motion. The logo forms a pattern that interacts with campaign-specific visuals. Every season, we aim to collaborate with different artists to grasp the zeitgeist. They could be illustrators, product designers, or visual artists. For season ‘20/’21 we collaborated with 3D artist Christiaan Endeman.

Every detail counts
When you don’t have a theater of your own and are always a guest performer, you need distinctive brand assets that tell your story for you. From trucks to Instagram stories and everything in between, NLRO takes their branding with them. Suitcases filled with merchandise enable a flexible toolkit to build a NLRO experience from the outside in.

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