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Aluminium clusters and stems expands in the space incorporating the surroundings. The collection question the limit between natural and artificial in the domestic realm. The unpredictability of the casting technique developed, in fact trick the human eye, presenting a hybrid aesthetic. On one side the material evokes a meteorite and the fascination for the unknown, on the other a scaffolding supporting and suspending the different functions.

Studio Groovido
Gianmaria & Giorgio first met in Eindhoven where they both attended the master degree in Contextual Design at Design Academy of Eindhoven. The leitmotif of their projects results in material excess, visual incoherence, tension and decadence. Through cunning and uncommon digital manipulation they manage to achieve completely new aesthetics. They don’t define themselves only as designers or artists, but their practice and work are on the verge of both. They believe in the poetry and narrative power of things.

Gianmaria Della Ratta
Giorgio Gasco

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