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Founded and based in The Netherlands, Cor Unum produces ceramic products designed by leading international designers, architects and visual artists. The cross fertilization between professional designers of our time, the knowledge of the craft of ceramic art centre Cor Unum and the talent trained on art schools in the Netherlands, results in innovative products, new design traditions and a fruitful interplay between art and ceramic production.

In a project entitled ‘Changing the Skin’, the collective of designers connected with ceramic art centre Cor Unum have investigated the ways in which the traditional process of ceramic production can be ‘broken into’. The results will be presented during the Salone del Mobile 2016.

The participants are: Maarten Baas, Studio rENs, Alex de Witte, Mae Engelgeer, Floris Wubben, Roderick Vos, Floris Hovers, Kranen/Gille, David Derksen and Jeroen Wand.

Presentation ‘Changing the Skin’
Salone del Mobile, 12-17 April 2016
Centro Studio Yoga, Via Confolanieri Federico 38, Isola, Milano

Photos Salone del Mobile 2015: Marije Kuiper

Milan 2015 – from left to right: Johannes Gille, Thom Boekema, Floris Wubben,
Floris Hovers, Jos Kranen, Lotte Landsheer, Allesandro Mendini, Stefanie van Keijsteren,
Jeroen Wand, Maarten Baas, David Derksen, Mae Engelgeer.
Cor Unum – Alex de Witte
Cor Unum – Floris Hovers
Cor Unum – Floris Wubben
Cor Unum – Jeroen Wand
Cor Unum – Krane en Gille
Cor Unum – Roderick de Vos
Cor Unum – Lotte Landsheer

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