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Cityhub is a hotel concept with futuristic sleeping units, a digital lobby and an app that familiarizes travelers with the city. The initiators, Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburg, aimed at better aligning the traditional hotel experience with the current spirit of the time and the technical possibilities.

The very first CityHub location is located in an industrial hall at the Bellamystraat in Amsterdam. Mulderblauw was responsible for the process guidance and the spatial planning aspects. The hall is one separate space containing 50 private hubs that are good for 100 beds. The new light strip that extends over the ridge of the building ensures an experience of brightness and spaciousness.

On the side of the entrance are two buildings that have been broken up and merged into one meeting area. The ground floor is equipped with new steel glass fronts. In this section you will find the lobby and the ‘hangout’. This is where the guests can check themselves in, man the bar or ask the staff for traveling tips.

In collaboration with:
Studio ÜberDutch
Overdevest Adviseurs

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