Complete brand package for group-merger



‘To create a new brand for the merger of Driezorg and Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht’ this is what Bureauvijftig was tasked with. They developed a comprehensive brand strategy, including mission, vision, and positioning, while Synsation developed the new name, logo, and visual identity.

The project involved extensive research, workshops, and a structured process from concept generation to implementation. The chosen name, “Vereen,” symbolizes unity and was designed to be personal and friendly. The logo, featuring a strong and simple ‘V’ icon, aligns with the new brand’s positioning and is versatile for various media.

Publications and online presence were developed to ensure consistent brand recognition, including templates for brochures, posters, and a new website. A detailed BrandBook was created to guide the implementation and development of brand applications, covering visual identity, tone of voice, and multimedia use.

The project resulted in a cohesive and well-received brand, with the client praising the strategic and efficient collaboration that led to the successful launch of Vereen.

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