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Beukers Scholma

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Traditionally, it has been the male architects who have enjoyed fame and received all the appreciation. With this book, Erica Smeets-Klokgieters wanted to bring the first female architects out of oblivion and give them a platform that will give them the attention they deserve.

With the design of the book, Beukers Scholma wanted to underline this once again. The compact, handy format and the tactile binding material reflect the personal, accessible and often modest character of the women.

The historic black and white photographs of the 21 women architects portrayed in the back of the book have been upgraded and colored in Photoshop using AI. Coloring gives us a better idea of what they might have looked like and makes them come alive. To do justice to the history, the original photographs are shown separately. Although the quality of the images found varies, the emphasis is more on giving a face to the women than on having a perfectly sharp image. Using the images is a way of acknowledging and honoring their stories and work and bridging the gap between the present and the past.

Author: Erica Smeets-Klokgieters
Publisher: nai010 publishers

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