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TO&FROM is a design studio founded in 2016 by Somya Singh and Bob de Graaf.

Interior designer Somya Singh graduated from the Glasgow School of Art. Coming from India, she has international experience working on a diverse range of residential and hotel schemes around the globe. She has worked with universally acclaimed design studios, including Studioilse and Anouska Hempel Design, Echlin and Studio Mica.

Dutch product designer Bob de Graaf graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. After graduating he moved to London where he worked for Studioilse on design projects for Ikea and Vitra, with P-Joseph on the Erdem store, and on several projects for Studio Parade, Studio Swine and Studio Roso.

Copper Jug
“In India there is an old tradition of drinking water from copper. Drinking water that has been kept in a copper pot for a few hours can help you meet your daily copper requirement. We have studied everyday water vessels on our travels through India. In our design we have combined elements that inspired us and have come to a shape that looks both modern and ancient. The jug tilts back slightly on its hind legs to keep it balanced when full.”

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