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Bas van Beek

Neuschwanstein refers to the castle of Ludwig von Bavaria. A collection of different architectural styles has been used for the architecture of the castle. Walt Disney was inspired by its architectural design for the construction of Disneyland. I have used the organizational principle of the various volumes for the design of the vase.

Kiki van Eijk
Freeform twirl is an investigation into the beauty of natural forms. Explorative ideas of repetitions as patterns. The piece is made of ceramic and LED lighting.

Floris Hovers
Four Stage Gear
We wanted to use the Gear vase as the starting point for a follow-up. By creating the vase in a ‘cake mold’ and switching once again a circle is created. The 6-part color collection of the Carter vase was determined in the past, and to this we have added two new colors.

Roderick Vos
Doodle means ‘scribble-sketch’ in English, and this vase is also spontaneously created during some ‘scribbling on paper’.  The cartoon-like image immediately appealed to me very much, and I tried to translate the sense of the sketch as accurately as possible into the three-dimensional shape’.

Alex de Witte
‘Earth’ is a recognizable earth in an unrecognizable time. A combination of realism and fantasy, future and past. A dream world that does and does not exist.

Cor Unum is a ceramic art centre founded and based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. We produce ceramics designed by leading international designers, architects and visual artists. Cor Unum takes social and cultural resposibility for the legacy of the ceramic crafts.
Our mission is brought to the market through a team consisting of professionals, students, volunteers, people with distance from the labour market and designers. They all share one common passion: everyone deserves a place, everyone has got a talent and anyone can contribute to make the world somewhat nicer.

Bas van Beek, Neuschwanstein – photo by Marije Kuiper
Bas van Beek, Neuschwanstein
Bas van Beek, Neuschwanstein
Kiki van Eijk, Freeform twirl
Floris Hovers, Four Stage Gear – photo by Marije Kuiper
Floris Hovers, Four Stage Gear
Roderick Vos, Doodle – photo by Marije Kuiper
Roderick Vos, Doodle
Roderick Vos, Doodle
Alex de Witte, Earth

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