Corona RichLab Rocket Program (CRRP)



After the closing of museums, galleries, cinemas, restaurants, bars and sports clubs during the covid-19 lockdowns, there was little left for Richard Sluijs (RichLab, The Hague) than taking walks through his city. Meanwhile looking for new recycling ideas.

While wandering, he came across a large Tintin rocket in the window of a collector’s shop. An iconic design by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé that he already knew from his youth, and that he would have loved to have back then. Standing in front of the shop window he decided – now that other projects had slowed down – he could make a model kit himself with a number of found ingredients, inspired by Hergé’s original construction drawing in ‘Rocket to the Moon’ from 1953.

Designing and constructing the rocket tasted like the good old days, and with that a new category of recycle art was born: the Corona RichLab Rocket Program (CRRP). A series of now over 30 smaller and larger fantasy rocket models, all with a base of three legs in common – as a homage to Hergé.

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