Creative Chef

Jasper Udink ten Cate


Creative Chef shows works that redefine the typology of our eating habits. All designs have their origin in the deliberately different approach of the typology of Western food culture. Disruptive porcelain, new restaurant designs, moving ceramics (skate plates), fashion tablecloths and interactive works such as edible paintings and table jewels.

The Smaakmuseum
The Smaakmuseum (Taste museum) offers guided tours of the museum garden, where you will get to know the wonderful world of plant varieties, historical species and ancient flavors. In addition to seeing and hearing, you will also get to taste various flavors and varieties.

The Smaakmuseum has a restaurant that serves dishes with products from our own garden or from artisanal producers. The chefs use seasonal products, thus allowing you to have a look into the wonderful world of different flavors and textures. Creative Chef Jasper Udink ten Cate ensures a mouthwatering dining experience, with old and new flavors that will amaze you.

Book Creative Chef
Creative Chef is a unique cookery book by Jasper Udink ten Cate with a whole new take on food and perception. It is packed with inspirational recipes that will help you turning your dinner party into a special event. How do I make an edible exhibition? What is the recipe for edible perfume? And how do you make a vinyl record of chocolate?


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