Current Currents


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By experimenting with conductivity, design duo VANTOT (Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp) created innovative interior objects that use electricity as an ornament instead of concealing it.

Electricity is often perceived as something frightening. VANTOT wondered what it would be like if low voltage was the new normal. Would we still be afraid to touch it? How can we implement electric components as part of the design instead of hiding them? These are just two of the questions that were used as guideline while designing the collection Current Currents.

The collection is based on the idea that electricity is a fundamental part of our interiors and home appliances. Yet, it is often perceived as dangerous and, therefore, carefully tucked away into isolated boxes or thick cables. VANTOT took a different approach by designing low-voltage lighting objects that step away from the traditional concept of a lamp and a power cord. Instead, they designed objects that are fully conductive and safe to touch.

Participant of the Dutch Stuff pavilion at the London Design Fair 2018



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