Daily Spectacle

Yuri Veerman


Yuri Veerman is a designer who often uses quotations: existing words, images or symbols that he gives a new frame so as to change or strengthen the importance of his subject.

The Daily Spectacle consists of a series of fictional covers with real headlines derived from contemporary news platforms that in their coverage make frequent use of spectacular content, often through combining terrifying subjects with a scandal or trivial entertainment.

Veerman about The Daily Spectacle: “The series is made on the basis of a one-day search for the right headlines. As it was a small assignment, I limited myself to five portraits, but I would really have liked to expand the collection in order to be able to give a good insight into our contemporary media landscape. For example, by collecting all spectacular headlines of one year and use them to assemble a real newspaper.”

Concept and design: Yuri Veerman
Commissioned by: The Common Affairs
For: Groene.nl

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