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Thomas Trum

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Thomas Trum (Rosmalen, 1989) often creates his works on a large scale and uses unconventional tools such as giant homemade felt-tip pens and parts of agricultural machinery. His work is experimental and rhythmic.

Trum always explores the abstract. Research into materials, techniques, and composition are at the heart of his work. He is particularly fascinated by the idea of leaving behind traces of his creation; a hangover from his time on the graffiti scene. He is also intrigued by large vehicles, such as agricultural machinery, which also leave behind traces of a rhythmic pattern; just think of the tracks made by a plough in a field, for example, or those left behind by a snow plough. By experimenting with these machines, Trum is continually discovering new ways to create images.

The title Daily Spins refers to Trum’s daily routine in his studio in Den Bosch, where he experiments with colours, materials, and shapes. The book shows almost 600 powerful artworks in the clearly recognisable, colourful, abstract-geometric visual language of the artist.

Daily Spins. Thomas Trum is designed by Team Thursday (Loes van Esch & Simone Trum). Every cover is sprayed with two colours by Team Thomas Trum and this makes every edition of this monograph unique.

The book is published by Jap Sam Books.


Photos book: Iris Rijskamp
Photos process: team Thomas Trum

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