Damn Food Waste

Damn Food Waste

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During Design Week, Damn Food Waste will in a special pop-up restaurant show you and let you taste what fantastic meals you can create from food which goes to waste. Chefs Gilbert Kolff, Chris Michels and Samuel Levie will prepare daily lunches and dinners with products that would normally have been thrown away.

In order to illustrate the enormous amounts of food that are thrown away daily, since the summer of 2013 Damn Food Waste has been preparing lunches for thousands of visitors, using only left-over products. To this end, Damn Food Waste cooperates with growers and retailers who support this project. Damn Food Waste descends on Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week.

Worldwide, roughly one-third of all food is wasted. Consumers throw away approximately 14% of all food purchased per person per year. This represents about 50 kg of food. Expressed in financial terms, the value of the food thrown away by consumers amounts to roughly 2.4 billion Euros. If you add to this the amount of money wasted by farmers, supermarkets, restaurants, industry, etc. then the total amount is no less than around 4.4 billion Euros.

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