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A unique collaboration between De Wasserij and de Bijenkorf, in which damaged articles are given a second life and Rotterdam fashion talent is given a stage.

Ten designers set to work with the damaged articles, each with their own approach. Cypherloom, for example, developed colourful and smart prints, which incorporate data on sustainability within the Bijenkorf. Fashion label DAIR used damaged items to give some of its design classics a new look. Up-cycling label Versatile Forever breathed new life into garments by hand-dyeing them and mixing them with second-hand football scarves. Marlou Verheijden, Atelier Markx, Ilfa Siebenhaar and EIJK were inspired by damaged denim. The result: playful bomber jackets in a geometric pattern, unique hand-printed shoppers, tough sleeveless jackets and stylish denim loafers in blue and black.

These pieces, as well as handmade lingerie by Arí van Twillert, sustainable home accessories by Between Wool and Wasteland and unique creations by Mevan Kaluarachchi, are on display and for sale in two pop-up stores at Bijenkorf Rotterdam, one on the ground floor and one in the basement. All products are unique and produced in Rotterdam, with great attention to fair practice and minimal footprint.

“The beautiful creations of De Wasserij make an extra contribution to saving raw materials and waste. And to our vision that style and sustainability can very well go hand in hand,” says de Bijenkorf.

Meet the designers
On 12 and 13 March, the designers involved will be present in the shop. Visitors to Bijenkorf will be able to meet them and learn more about their creative process.

Fashion label DAIR
Up-cycling label Versatile Forever- Campaign image
Up-cycling label Versatile Forever- Campaign image
Marlou Verheijden
Atelier Markx
Ilfa Siebenhaar
Ari van Twillert

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