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StudioSpass: “We created a contribution to the exhibition curated by Tetsuya Goto at A-lab, a contemporary art gallery in Amagasaki near Osaka. As part of this exhibition on researching the institute’s visual identity, we presented a new dynamic design and signage system. The design aims to reach out to a broader and younger audience.”

“We were intrigued by the architectural style of the building’s facade, especially the double arched roof and the facade. The studio made a graphic analysis and interpretation of the building, bringing it back to two simple elements. These elements we then used as the basic ingredients for a dynamic identity with a distinctive style.”

“It offers endless possibilities to make unique, clear, open and friendly designs for each kind of output. We removed the hyphen from the original logo and instead replaced it by the playful usage of the letter L. The logo can be seen as a sign to point you to the gallery located on the first floor of the building. The studio also designed a functional A-lab clock that shows the logo twice a day. From now on exhibitions will be opened and celebrated at 03.00 pm.”

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Photos: Takuma Uematsu

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